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Krida Fans

Play and Earn – Fantasy Sports Done Right

Krida Fans is a next-generation fantasy sports and social platform built on the  blockchain. 

Pick a Game. Show your Skills. Win the Game.

Krida Fans is powered by $KRIDA, which is utility and governance token, enabling users to earn rewards and participate in community votes for important platform decisions.

How to Play?


Pick A Game

Choose any game from the various ongoing or planned tournaments


Create Your Teams

Use your skill and knowledge of the game to create teams. Better the team selection, more the chances of winning.



Compete with other players and win big in the form of $KRIDA tokens and NFTs.


Win is assured everytime you play

Stake $KRIDA tokens to participate and get them back deducting a small platform fee at the end of the game. Thus making the cost of playing almost negligible.


No High Gas Fees: Solana ensures high speed transactions without trade-offs.

Solana leverages Proof of History and several other breakthrough innovations delivering low fees (up to 1 USD) for applications with billions of users


Community reputation is now multi-chain

Earn a Unique NFT badge as per your involvement in the game and community. These NFT badges can be used as cross-chain reputation scores, and be used in other games and channels.


The more you play, greater the odds of winning

Get incentivized in the form of $KRIDA tokens even if you are at the bottom of the leaderboard for that week/month. Exclusive NFTs unlock gradually as you play more.


Community governs the game

Community commands the ship of Krida Fans via its $KRIDA governance tokens. Crucial decisions of the platform such as adding new leagues/players, changing the scoring algorithm or redefining the user incentives etc., will be decided via community votes.


In-game NFT based markets

Play card games in the virtual world with your friends using players' card collected. All the NFTs – Players' cards, Badge – are accessible outside the game and tradable on marketplaces.

Product Vision

Q2 2021

Setting the Foundational Stone.

Q3 2021

MVP Release.
Team Building.

Q4 2021

Alpha Product Release
Fund Raise

Q1 2022

Token Listing.
Liquidity Mining.
Krida Fans V1.
Marketplace for in-game NFTs.
Referral Program

Q2 2022..

DAO enablement.
Krida Mobile Application.
Players card game.
More to follow..

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